Curia – September 2019

Seneschal : Handled out the ‘change of office’ form for Arts and Sciences so Tayla can be warranted. There is a new procedure for creating Facebook events for branch events. On Nov. 17th, there is an all day Seneschal training in Seattle.

Exchequer: We have money. Exchequer has found the online account password. The payment for the website is due.

A&S:  There is a social on Monday. Recommendations were collected for the Porte Chalice, which will be awarded at the Nov. 2nd event. Those not present at the meeting can submit their recommendations to the Baron and Baroness of Madrone.

Webminister: The Kingdom Webminister is looking for a deputy to train as her successor. There was a meeting at September Crown that focused on making the branch websites more accessible and readable to everyone (e.g. meant for more than ‘where is the fighter practice’). The Canton website has been updated along these lines. The previous curia minutes have been posted.

Heraldry: No commentary meeting this month.

Events: The event is in the October Crier calendar. The Baron and Baroness of Madrone will be holding a small court to award the Porte Chalice and a few baronial awards, as well as accepting Sergeantry applications. The first of two wicket making socials is this Monday – rules for the tournament will be posted soon. The potlatch sign up will be posted after Emprise. Gera created the Facebook event.

Archery: Adrianna can no longer be the driver of archery at Carnation Farms, and Margaret will be the point of contact for the questions asked last Curia as soon as Emprise is over.

Meetings: We briefly discussed the meeting/social schedule for November and December. November will probably follow the normal schedule.