Curia Minutes 28 November 2016

11 people in attendance – All members

$550 in bank account. No Outstanding checks until after the new year.

Ysolt is still working on getting the Microsoft donations set up to the proper groups.

Senescchal Kit went to Kingdom Seneschal / Exchequer training. Learned things about both offices. Look for a regional training if you are interested in these offices.

Don’t be a DIck.

Think before you say or do anything.

Trahern is doing dance practice at his home on Dec. 1, Thursday.

Friday Night Social at Ysolt’s no movie was viewed. Socializing  happened. Next one is on December 30 at 7 at Ysolts, and business meeting if needed. An optional gift exchange will happen at the Dec Social. Wrapped, untagged gift of less than $20.

A&S Sunday Dec 4th 12:30  pm – Svea will teach carving and block printing at Ysolt’s house. There are three or 4 spots open. Ping Ysolt if you are interested.

Equesterian Guild Christmas party is December 10 in conjunction with EQ practice in Mirrormont area. Ping Keri-je for details, look for postings on Baronial e-list etc.

Kiri-je and Raphael would like to host social / practice at their home starting in January, once  a month. First practice will be January 21, 2017. Dogs, cats, horses, sheeps and chickens are in the area. There is inside/outside space for fighting, away from the horses. Please note: There will be no interactions with the Horses.

Some potential sites have been looked into. Details will be forthcoming.

Meeting Closed.

Respectuflly Submitted,

Anne Rose Smythe