Curia Minutes 27 March 2017

After a two month hiatus due to weather and travel we have gathered for our monthly meeting. We had 12 people. Kit, Juana, Aerron, Heilyn, Simon, Giselle, Renee and Aislynn, Bergdis, Etienette and Anne Rose

Seneschal Report: Yearly doomsday report was done, as well as the Family Activities report. Seneschal is upgrading our status to Barony, apparently, he has a Freudian slip today.

Exchequer Report: Doomsday got in. One more bill to pay $44.58 / quarter for web hosting + $15 for domain registration. We have money to pay it. $548, in the account.

There may be some employee matching funds coming through. Approval was given to pay the bill.

A&S Report: A&S report will be done this month.

URL Steward: Updates will be made. Meeting meetings are being posted.

Baronial Chatelaine: Heard from a new person who lives and works in Bellevue only interested in weekend/weeknight activities.

PDL News: Porte Chalice – Kit will send out an email to the canton for recommendations. We need to investigate the making of new chalices.

Canton needs to have an event. Could be small and simple, a picnic in a park.

Rapier defender would like to hand it off to someone, else. She would like to hold the champion event up to the Regional Rapier practice at Marymore park this year.

During the meeting, the canton aided the culinary guild with a special project. Come to Banquet to see.

Meeting adjourned, Carry on and …

Minutes by Anne Rose Smythe