Curia Minutes 24 Oct 2016

  • Quorum was achieved; we had 3 canton officers, two baronial officers, and 4 paid members in attendance.


  • Financial: $15 to register the domain.  As of May we had not quite $700 that includes the Demo expenses.
    NMS report was not needed for Demo, because there was no gate fee.
  • Saturday in the Park in Sven Demo: The demo brought some folks from the area.
    32 SCA people went through gate. Sarah Pixie had folks who signed the kid fighting waivers.
    People who came looking for us, were going to find us again and about 1/3 of folks who walked through may show up again.
  • Still don’t have a rapier new champion.
  • Website:  converted to WordPress, looking for email address concealer. All of the old files are still on the server in case they are needed for any recovery in the future. Discussion ensued about how emails work with the ISP and a workgroup will happen to check email addresses for the canton. [Update: forwards are now updated and (hopefully) working properly, and the Canton Google Calendar has been recovered.]


New Business:

  1. Friday night socials – November 18, 2016 Movie Night and Social. A Knight’s Tale at Mistress Ysolt’s house.  Start gathering around 7:00 pm. Potluck type munchies.
    Future dates will be Friday December 2 or Friday 30th and January 6 or 27