Curia – August 2019

8-20-2019 Minutes

In Attendance: Kit, Etienette, Bergdis, Sara, Simon, Giselle, Heilyn, Margaret, Ysolt, Anne Rose, Adrianna

Seneschal : BOD is seeking feedback on Anti-Bullying policy and also feedback on gender neutral language in Corpora. It is time to renew the meeting room. We be renewing the meeting room. Quarterly report was submitted to Kingdom.

Exchequer: We have money. Checking balance $6907.25 and Savings balance $5.00. Can now check for balance online.  There is Exchequer training in Tacoma on November 16, 2019. It is now required to have a variance from Kingdom Exchequer, when a box of checks are ordered, due to it being an ‘electronic withdrawal’.  Also, if doing transfers from internal accounts (savings/checking) need a variance for that , as well.

Webminister: All officers have Office365 accounts and have access to the accounts.

A&S:  Tentatively doing stamping the first weekend of September. Need to resubmit warrant to the kingdom for A&S, as the kingdom does not have record of the warrant.  

Heraldry: Report submitted.


Sven’s:  Crier Copy was submitted. Working on having a FB page created for the event. September and October socials will be wicket making projects.  Heilyn has design ideas for wickets. Gate making competition. Pot Luck signup will be posted after Emprise. Insurance from corporate was received.

Archery: Adrianna the Fierce has been discussion with Carnation Farms about having a weekly archery practice in their parking barn. According to Adrianna, the farm is willing to let us use their flat barn every Sunday. It is a former milking barn and is covered and concrete floor, but no walls. The farm has quoted $25/week for rental of the barn for archery.  Adrianna is asking for assistance in the negotiations with the farm.

The farm is wanting to see the SCA Insurance policy, Kit will be forwarding that to Adrianna. The farm is also requiring backgournd checks for the Marshalls in Charge for working with children. Adrianna will organize a tour of the farm with Kit, and Sr Archery Marshals to determine the viability of this site for officially SCA Archery practice.

The following questions were raised:

  1. How many people is the farm willing to have background checks done on. As Marshalls In Charge of practices tend to rotate.
  2. What is the maximum number of shooters do the marshallate feel will be accommodated?
  3. If we go forward with this, we will need a Branch Archery Marshall, and someone to be the administrative responsible party for organizing/running/ and continued conversations with the farm.
  4. Funding for rent was discussed, and a member is willing to fund 3 months of rental via donation to the Canton. A donation jar was discussed and will be implemented if we go forward with this.

A field trip is being planned by Adrianna and Kit to view the site and discuss further with the site owner.