Curia – 2017-09

September 25, 2017

Seneschal: There is a new law in Idaho that requires groups to charge sales tax.

December meeting will be on Friday, December 29 at Tayla’s. Watch this space for more details.

Exchequer: approximately $900 in the bank.

A&S: WE received a donation from a deceased former SCA member. Most of it was donated to a local charity, as most of it was not appropriate for SCA garb. There were some books that went to the Barony for their Scribal fabric.

Herald: Tuesday, October 24, Kenmore  – November 24, Bellevue

Misc News: Heinrich’s elevation will be at Collegium due to the cancelling of the Emprise of The Black Lion.

Kingdom YAFA is looking for mentors.

Future Event: Starting to plan an event for next summer.