Curia 26 June 2017

We have quorum!

Seneschal Report: There is a new FB group for Seneschal and Exchequers. Idaho is now charging sales tax on tickets and that appears to have been translated to being charged to event fees.

Exchequer Report: We still have a bank account. The bank put in their $.02. Report for Picnic in the Park is done just waiting for attendance numbers.

A&S Minister Report: We will be having a fabric swap at the picnic. Guidelines are: what you bring, if it’s not taken it goes home with you or will be donated to a fiber donation center.

Chatelaine: We have new people in our meeting.

Herald Report: Congratulations to Rhiannon Kjartensdottir registration of her name.

We introduced ourselves to new people.

Upcoming Events:

Baronial Event this Saturday Peasants Revel.  $4.00 Lunch and bring your own snacky bits and drink for the day. It’s a fun laid back event.

Saturday, July 22 Picnic in the Park.  Spirit Ridge Park. There will be no site fee, but all waivers are required. Their Excellencies of Madrone will be attending. A member of the Canton is donating the reservation fee to reserve the park for the day. An Attempt at garb is required. Community BBQ is possible. Hamburgers, buns and condiments will be donated. If you wish to BBQ something other than burgers Something to share and bring your own drinks. We are making this a laid back relaxed event, so wear your most comfy garb.

If no Rain, we will do a fabric swap at the picnic.

Bring your own table and chairs, bring shade/ rain cover.

August 5, Wyewood Champions – At Wyewood Archery Practice site, near Ikea in Renton. All champions (Archery, Heavy, Rapier, A&S).  See more details on the Barony of Wyewood Calendar