Curia Minutes 12-13-13


  • Seneschal Report – Quarterly Report was late.
  • Exchequer – Last outstanding check from Ermine Cross. Last Check cut for Ermine Cross. We have money. October statement arrived.
  • Moss – Practice is happening tonight. It’s been a bit slow.
  • Herald – 9 Pieces went to Laurel, have 3 pending waiting for feed back from populous. No paper cuts to report.
  • A&S – No cooking injuries to report.
    How to’s wherefores for competing in Baronial A&S Is published.
    Cooking is happening.
    Tasty pictures.
    Soup was made for dinner tonight. Thank you Ysolt and Madhu
  • Url Steward –
  • Chatelaine –


  1. Ermine Cross – Is Closed. Lost $124.23.
  2. Blades & Bards – is moving along.

New Business

  1. Next Month Meeting conflicts with 12th Night – Punting for a week later.


8 members attended + several walk throughs