Curia Minutes 10-21-13


  • Seneschal – Reminder quarterly reports are due the end of the month. Herald has already submitted report. We will review reporting requirements next meeting.
  • Exchequer – Statements so can do quarterly will be done in next week. Deposited money from ErmineCross. NMS Fee we need to send check for $25.00. Exchequer can write a check to reimburse for food for Ermine Cross.
  • Herald – 7 Submissions have been made. Went to Kingdom Heraldic took a class. Actually commented today too. Goutty Gecko herald title is being researched. Porte Chalice badge & Port Chalice name are being submitted. Exchequer has approval to write a check for the submissions.
  • A&S – Food at Ermine Cross, Aaron Corrino is possibly doing open house on saturdays for 12th Night garb.
  • Master of Stables (MoSS) -Practice continues. Averaging 6 to 10 attendess total at social and at the practice.
  • URL Steward – Nothing to report, website is up. Deputy is on the ball, “No MoSS PDL is on the ball”. Tech Support from 1and1 says spoofing is happening to our email addresses. There appears to be no link on baronial website to the PDL website.

Old Business

  1. Ermine Cross 2013 – Tentatively lost $64.00. They will go through the records to confirm. The Canton will be receiving an employer matched funding for volunteer hours for this event. Chesare Carvaccio won Bardic Champion for Barony and the Ermine Cross competition.

New Business

  1. Ermine Cross 2014 – Yule feast – discussion happened about keeping the name ‘Ermine Cross’. DateReservation Form.
  2. Sven, The musical … Sven! Sings… Blades and Bards Yule (Sven the Musical)
  3. Business meeting Move – Kris has offered to do food as well. 3rd Friday to stay with 3rd Monday. November 8 the Meadows. Please be on time.
  4. Possible Yule celebration at Canton December meeting. Will be discussing it in November.