Curia Minutes 09-16-13

Canton News:

Ermine Cross is coming up. Details below.


  • Exchequer: Last month’s statement nothing happening in the account all looks good.
  • Herald: Geirlakr’s stuff has been submitted to Kingdom, a household name has been submitted, Aoife’s been submitted and have several clients in the works.
  • Chatelaine: Nothing, it’s been quiet, no emails nothing.
  • Minister of Arts & Sciences: Now that tourney season has ended will be instituting classes and project nights during the week and at fighter practice. Embroidery class Bayeaux tapestry stitch, and garb embellishment type stitiches various periods.
  • Master of Stables: “I haven’t had to report any injuries.” Practice is continuing. There were four people at practice on Friday before Emprise. Consistently active. The Bring your Own Tam archery is still available, however it is getting dark, so if you miss the target hard to find arrows.


Old Business

  1. Ermine Cross: We have several Reservations – Email announcements will be starting. All is going as planned. Need someone to pick up key … Champions will figure it out, discussing with baronage. Check for Gate Seed was approved and cut.
    Site tokens are on order. Need schedule. Starting at 10 Dinner at 6 possible buffet. Ranulf Dance lessons. Confirm Lisette. Judges panel? In the past possible judges Particpants + honary judge waiting to hear from Owen the Merry.


New Business

  1. Discussion for next month, possible changing meeting night and place.


Respectfully submitted
Anne Rose Smythe