Curia Minutes 06-21-10

Baronial Bits

The nominations are currently open until tonight midnight. The Baronial Business meeting will stay where it is until July. Social had 21 in attendance. We have new champions. No port chalice given because individual didn’t attend.


Chatelaine: No new people but a couple showed at social. One new fighter at fighter practice.

MOS: practices continue; losing Terrick but gaining Martin Le Harper. Going to have an armor clearing.

Exchequer: I think I have a check to write but need to check paperwork. Statements will be coming soon.

Old Business

Lionhearts: the layout went very well; archery and equestrian really liked it. The ground dried out Saturday. We didn’t wind up with tourneys on Sunday because of no interest. We made money.

Festival of Mount Si: there seem to be some questions and conflicts around this.

Site permitting we will do Day of Dance at Baronial A&S

New Business