Curia Minutes 05-17-10

Baronial Bits:

Baronial Banquet made a bunch of money; Looking into codifying policy about people who pay but don’t show; give Baron award recommendations for Lionhearts. Looking for autocrats for A&S and Yule. Inventory of Storage Locker June 6 possibly. They’d like an A&S officer.


Exchequer: We paid the site fee for the Demo; otherwise we have money.

MOS: Practices are going on; Typically 3 knights come. Website is up to date.

Chatelaine: We had a demo. No email interest other than people moving in from out of state. Demo generated 12 people with interests. Of those 12, we had someone who lived in Midhaven and Wyewood. The Baron has offered to do a SCA 101 class for new people. We had 45 SCA participants who signed the roster and at least 10 who didn’t. We’re doing education at the upcoming social.

Old Business:

Marymoor Demo: Save participant packet for future autocrats. Next fight board. Next musical performance board. Freeform approach to fighting worked very well. Oval eric worked very well. Lost and Found: orange handled scissors. He spent money on banners above the agreed amount. The Canton agreed to reimburse.

Lionhearts: Planning meeting last night. Everything is lined up. Potluck Dinner Saturday night. Got the check to pay the rest. Checking on fire permit. North Bend permit is one signature away from a go.

Festival at Mt. Si: During Autumn War; approved to camp; next planning meeting will determine how much space we’ll get. Can’t have Horses or Clan Carn due to Autumn War.

New Business:

Day of Dance with Baronial A&S in Fall-first Saturday of October- yes, provisionally.