Curia Minutes 01-16-12

Physical meeting was cancelled.  An on-line meeting was held for those that could log in.

Attendees: Anita, Anne_Rose, Dennis, Heilyn, Tayla

Officers reports:

Master of Stables

·         Practices continue

·         Quarterly report has been sent in.


·         Bank account changeover is complete.

·         Year-end report has been previewed by Kingdom Exchequer and is ready to sign.

·         Website fee 11/28/2011-2/28/2012 is due for reimbursement, but it can wait till next meeting for check signing.


·         Heralding happens no injuries reported.

Web Minister

·         Electronic versions of some heraldry docs to be archived on web site for canton herald access

·         Waiting for Kingdom to update server before transferring website.

New Business

Ermine Cross is running smoothly we will cut check next meeting

Cheers and Beers is happening-A&S social

Baronial Bits

nothing to report.