Curia – March 2020

We successfully held a virtual curia via Teams, with more people joining the meeting online then in our last two curias.

Seneschal : No in-person activities through May 10th.

Exchequer : Two checks deposited into the account. We have money.

Arts & Sciences : No library night until at least late May. We can use the virtual chat from the Teams meeting for future A&S meetings. Social night via Teams this Friday March 20 at 7PM.

Webminister : The Kingdom Webminister says we can keep the hosting name if we pay for it when we move to the Kingdom servers. Domain fee is $15/year. Will follow up with Kingdom Webminister about timelines for the move in this uncertain period. Teams is working well for this curia.

Herald : Commentary day last month – 3 commentators. Will potentially have another one, held virtually, later this month,

2020 Event : 2019 event site is available on 11/21/2020. Margaret will submit the event to the Calendar.

Curia – February 2020

Seneschal : No updates from kingdom. Madrone is having an event this Saturday.

Exchequer : Filed Doomsday report, wrote a check for the website hosting fees

Arts & Sciences : No updates.

Webminister : The Kingdom Webminister will soon require all branches to host their website on the kingdom site or give access to the site to the Kingdom Webminister. There was a question about whether we would keep our domain name if we moved to the kingdom site. Will follow up with the Kingdom Webminister.

2020 Event : Etienette has volunteered to event steward the Canton’s event, tentatively scheduled for 11/21. Margaret will confirm the availability of the 2019 site for that date. 

Curia – November 2019

There will be no social next month. The curia will be held at Tayla’s place. Check the Facebook group for details and location. There will be a white elephant gift exchange – bring a present worth no more than $25.

Seneschal : There was a training in Seattle on 11/17. Society’s stance on marijuana now follows local law. Society has declared that a contender for Crown must have a consort with no indication as to the gender of that individual.

Exchequer : There was training on 11/16. We need to rewrite the financial policy in line with the Society’s boilerplate text. The check for the 11/2 event site has cleared. We have money in the bank and expect to have more when company matching money comes in.

Arts & Sciences : There is a social next Monday, 11/25 at Kingsgate.

Webminister : The Kingdom Webminister has suggested that branches move their websites to the Kingdom servers to cut down on hosting costs, as the Kingdom has plenty of server space. We decided to hold off on that move until the Kingdom servers become more stable. The O365 officer accounts only come with the online version of the Office suite and do not allow you to download the desktop versions.

Archery : Margaret has talked to the people at Carnation Farms about renting the flat barn. There is a proposed site walk through on 11/23 with Kit, Simon, Ema, Tim and Avine to discuss feasibility.

Sven’s Harvest Games and Dance : The event went well, with 26 people signing in at gate. Stu won the croquet championship with Tayla and Heilyn tying for second. Giselle won the wicket making contest.

Curia – September 2019

Seneschal : Handled out the ‘change of office’ form for Arts and Sciences so Tayla can be warranted. There is a new procedure for creating Facebook events for branch events. On Nov. 17th, there is an all day Seneschal training in Seattle.

Exchequer: We have money. Exchequer has found the online account password. The payment for the website is due.

A&S:  There is a social on Monday. Recommendations were collected for the Porte Chalice, which will be awarded at the Nov. 2nd event. Those not present at the meeting can submit their recommendations to the Baron and Baroness of Madrone.

Webminister: The Kingdom Webminister is looking for a deputy to train as her successor. There was a meeting at September Crown that focused on making the branch websites more accessible and readable to everyone (e.g. meant for more than ‘where is the fighter practice’). The Canton website has been updated along these lines. The previous curia minutes have been posted.

Heraldry: No commentary meeting this month.

Events: The event is in the October Crier calendar. The Baron and Baroness of Madrone will be holding a small court to award the Porte Chalice and a few baronial awards, as well as accepting Sergeantry applications. The first of two wicket making socials is this Monday – rules for the tournament will be posted soon. The potlatch sign up will be posted after Emprise. Gera created the Facebook event.

Archery: Adrianna can no longer be the driver of archery at Carnation Farms, and Margaret will be the point of contact for the questions asked last Curia as soon as Emprise is over.

Meetings: We briefly discussed the meeting/social schedule for November and December. November will probably follow the normal schedule.

Curia – August 2019

8-20-2019 Minutes

In Attendance: Kit, Etienette, Bergdis, Sara, Simon, Giselle, Heilyn, Margaret, Ysolt, Anne Rose, Adrianna

Seneschal : BOD is seeking feedback on Anti-Bullying policy and also feedback on gender neutral language in Corpora. It is time to renew the meeting room. We be renewing the meeting room. Quarterly report was submitted to Kingdom.

Exchequer: We have money. Checking balance $6907.25 and Savings balance $5.00. Can now check for balance online.  There is Exchequer training in Tacoma on November 16, 2019. It is now required to have a variance from Kingdom Exchequer, when a box of checks are ordered, due to it being an ‘electronic withdrawal’.  Also, if doing transfers from internal accounts (savings/checking) need a variance for that , as well.

Webminister: All officers have Office365 accounts and have access to the accounts.

A&S:  Tentatively doing stamping the first weekend of September. Need to resubmit warrant to the kingdom for A&S, as the kingdom does not have record of the warrant.  

Heraldry: Report submitted.


Sven’s:  Crier Copy was submitted. Working on having a FB page created for the event. September and October socials will be wicket making projects.  Heilyn has design ideas for wickets. Gate making competition. Pot Luck signup will be posted after Emprise. Insurance from corporate was received.

Archery: Adrianna the Fierce has been discussion with Carnation Farms about having a weekly archery practice in their parking barn. According to Adrianna, the farm is willing to let us use their flat barn every Sunday. It is a former milking barn and is covered and concrete floor, but no walls. The farm has quoted $25/week for rental of the barn for archery.  Adrianna is asking for assistance in the negotiations with the farm.

The farm is wanting to see the SCA Insurance policy, Kit will be forwarding that to Adrianna. The farm is also requiring backgournd checks for the Marshalls in Charge for working with children. Adrianna will organize a tour of the farm with Kit, and Sr Archery Marshals to determine the viability of this site for officially SCA Archery practice.

The following questions were raised:

  1. How many people is the farm willing to have background checks done on. As Marshalls In Charge of practices tend to rotate.
  2. What is the maximum number of shooters do the marshallate feel will be accommodated?
  3. If we go forward with this, we will need a Branch Archery Marshall, and someone to be the administrative responsible party for organizing/running/ and continued conversations with the farm.
  4. Funding for rent was discussed, and a member is willing to fund 3 months of rental via donation to the Canton. A donation jar was discussed and will be implemented if we go forward with this.

A field trip is being planned by Adrianna and Kit to view the site and discuss further with the site owner.

Curia – July 2019

Seneschal : Kingdom Seneschal is holding an “Ask Me Anything”

Exchequer: We have money. Checks have been deposited and the website is paid up. There is an Exchequer meeting on Nov. 16th.

Heraldry: OSCAR commentary night is upcoming.

Webminister: Current email addresses are misspelled – a fix is in progress.

A&S:  Stamping day is coming up. Library night this month is at Kingsgate. There is a new A&S form.

Events: Nov 2nd event is coming up. Named insurance needs to be requested and a Crier copy submitted by Aug. 15th to make the October Crier.

Other: We are transferring $200 to the Barony of Madrone at the request of the donor.

Curia – October 2017

Seneschal: Nothing new in Seneschal land

Exchequer: We have some money, Have a bill to pay Domain Fee $15.00. Payment approved by financial committee.

A&S: Will be bringing a larger laptop screen to look at period tropical prints for the “Tropical themed event” in the concept stage at this time.

Herald: Will be doing YAFA classes when approved by Kingdom. Tuesday Library will continue.

Website: Meeting minutes have been uploaded to website as they are received.

Holiday Party: On December 29 at Tayla’s. No meeting in December. A Pirate gift exchange will happen no more than $20.00 for gift. Details will be following.

minutes taken by Anne Rose Smythe

Curia – 2017-09

September 25, 2017

Seneschal: There is a new law in Idaho that requires groups to charge sales tax.

December meeting will be on Friday, December 29 at Tayla’s. Watch this space for more details.

Exchequer: approximately $900 in the bank.

A&S: WE received a donation from a deceased former SCA member. Most of it was donated to a local charity, as most of it was not appropriate for SCA garb. There were some books that went to the Barony for their Scribal fabric.

Herald: Tuesday, October 24, Kenmore  – November 24, Bellevue

Misc News: Heinrich’s elevation will be at Collegium due to the cancelling of the Emprise of The Black Lion.

Kingdom YAFA is looking for mentors.

Future Event: Starting to plan an event for next summer.

Curia 26 June 2017

We have quorum!

Seneschal Report: There is a new FB group for Seneschal and Exchequers. Idaho is now charging sales tax on tickets and that appears to have been translated to being charged to event fees.

Exchequer Report: We still have a bank account. The bank put in their $.02. Report for Picnic in the Park is done just waiting for attendance numbers.

A&S Minister Report: We will be having a fabric swap at the picnic. Guidelines are: what you bring, if it’s not taken it goes home with you or will be donated to a fiber donation center.

Chatelaine: We have new people in our meeting.

Herald Report: Congratulations to Rhiannon Kjartensdottir registration of her name.

We introduced ourselves to new people.

Upcoming Events:

Baronial Event this Saturday Peasants Revel.  $4.00 Lunch and bring your own snacky bits and drink for the day. It’s a fun laid back event.

Saturday, July 22 Picnic in the Park.  Spirit Ridge Park. There will be no site fee, but all waivers are required. Their Excellencies of Madrone will be attending. A member of the Canton is donating the reservation fee to reserve the park for the day. An Attempt at garb is required. Community BBQ is possible. Hamburgers, buns and condiments will be donated. If you wish to BBQ something other than burgers Something to share and bring your own drinks. We are making this a laid back relaxed event, so wear your most comfy garb.

If no Rain, we will do a fabric swap at the picnic.

Bring your own table and chairs, bring shade/ rain cover.

August 5, Wyewood Champions – At Wyewood Archery Practice site, near Ikea in Renton. All champions (Archery, Heavy, Rapier, A&S).  See more details on the Barony of Wyewood Calendar