Curia Minutes 01-19-09

Baronial Bits-The barony may need a new site. Tayla is looking into this. They are set through July 09. They need a new Seneschale and Chatelaine. Our donation went to Adiantum thru our MOS’s in-laws.

MOS-practices continue; still getting decent turnout for winter; will probably do armor repair for Ursalmas.

Exchequer-signatures on bank account include Scott Llewallen, Tristan Sale, and Tracy Davis

Peter C Gorshkoff needs to be added to account. We are all agreed that Peter C Gorshkoff and Anita Donaldson should be added to the account.

A&S-nothing to report; Sew What Feb 28 1:00pm lance and tracy’s

Day of Dance-We will try to contact the Baroness and autocrat to see if we can fit Day of Dance into the Baronial Banquet schedule.

Curia Minutes 11-17-08

Baronial Stuff-upcoming events: rapier event in Spring; we have a Lionhearts bid; still looking for site for monthly social; need seneschale by Lionhearts. Canton will receive $600 through Barony from volunteer matching.

A&S-Nothing to report

Meeting in December-we will have a meeting in December to discuss Day of Dance. Anyone who wants to see Day of Dance happen should come forward and autocrat. This is simply means obtaining a site and a date that works for everyone and filing calendar copy and coordinating with the Dance Minister  and Musician Wrangler. [note: there are no minutes of this meeting, if it occurred.]

MOS-have had a couple of practices; no practice 11-21-08 but will have practice the day after Thanksgiving.

Exchequer-the reports got in. I went though the inventory.  One box is being donated to Adiantum, one is trash, one is paper ware, one is kitchen consumables and one is kitchen linens. None are of significant value or appreciated.

Curia Minutes 10-20-08

Baronial Bits-

The Barony made a bunch of money on Crown.
Some Canton folks went to a fun Baronial potluck which thanked folks who worked on Crown.
They are looking for a new place to do the Monthly Baronial social.
The Barony will need a new Baronial Seneschale soon.
File reports.


We didn’t get bank statements yet but there have been no major expenditures.


We will have a Sew What in November watch email.


Technically we have had a practice because we haven’t had gate sheets. We’ve had a bunch of lefties show up.

Day of Dance-Tentative Date: March 21

Curia Minutes 07-21-08

Baronial Stuff- Lionhearts went well

BOD Meeting happened; they will change Corpora to say you must have paid membership through your perspective reign in order to fight in Crown.

They will be inventorying the storage locker this weekend.

A&S-Nothing to report; there is talk to do a Sew What Aug 23 at Lance and Tracy’s

Exchequer-Just wrote check to pay for chalices; The books are not yet closed.

MOS-practices continue, new people are showing up, reports are done.

Old Business-

September Crown-Insurance has been signed. Going to site tomorrow to take measurements.

Autocrat requested we pay for flags. We said go talk to the Barony as we feel the funds should come from them.

New Business

(nothing in file)

Curia Minutes 05-19-08

Baronial Bits-Lionhearts is coming up. The next crown meeting is the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Dessert Auction. Policy and Good Ideas meeting Sunday of June Faire. Peasants will be on Sunday due to BOD Meeting. Attendance at Crown was low.

A&S-We had a sew-what in April. People showed. Tents got put up. Tents got taken down. Stuff happened; no waivers signed; no injuries occurred.

Exchequer-there’s money

MOS-there is fighter practice on Friday

Chatelaine-Made contact with 7 new prospective members. Newcomers BBQ at end of month. SCA on a Budget fieldtrip on Sunday 5-18-08. Probably do it again in a couple of months. Taking a bus to archery practice with people interested. Will bring volunteers for September Crown.

Old Business-

September Crown-Still need Chatelaine Team; meeting day after Memorial Day.

Lionhearts/Field of Cloth of Gold-test out the September Crown site. Dessert Auction. Looking for ideas for contests.

New Business-

You can nominate until midnight tonight for Porte Chalice.

Curia Minutes 04-21-08

Baronial stuff-Ursala on vigil for June Faire for research. Policies and Generally Good Ideas on Sunday. Donnen got a Pelican. 12th Night 2009 Eugene A&S 2009 Wealdsmere.

Exchequer-2134.13 report is in.

MOS-couple of nights cancels but fighting continues; waivers are being signed; miner doing paperwork

A&S-Sew what at Jennifer and Tim’s on Saturday

Old Business

Crown-we have biffy contract. Proceeding on trash; merchants (giving them a packet of information) We need volunteers. Crown meeting next Monday. She has a water bearer. She has banners.

Day of Dance-Autocrat: $245.00 $75.00×3 plus $20. He would like a reimbursement check.

Port Chalice- Ysolt has emailed Morgaine but not heard back yet so we may not have a cup for Lionhearts

New Business

New Herald-Basil Dragonstrife told him he needs to come to meetings.


Chatelaine-Send email. We need you to come to meetings. She has to be present at least every other meeting. If that’s not possible we need to find another officer. Not active periods seem to be getting longer.

Port Chalice- list

Send email to Ragnarr

Curia Minutes 03-17-08

Baronial Stuff – there almost wasn’t a meeting; but there was.

Baronial A&S – new champions.

MOS – we have a new fighter in armor; generates paperwork because he’s a minor. That will only go on for a few months. 5-6 at practice.

Exchequer – 2134.04 and .18 in interest.

A&S – we had a sew what. Someone actually sewed. Sew what 4-26-08 at Tim & jennifer’s.


Day of Dance – stabilized on dances; will follow up with band master. Ballard Oddfellows Hall. Dessert competition. Officially the event starts at 6:01pm after Crown Council. No site fee.

New Business – Port Chalice ceremonial discussion of what we want it to look like.

We vote on Port Chalice in April.

Tayla will get in touch with Morgaina.

Curia Minutes 01-21-08


MOS-Practices continue new member is a minor is willing to do paperwork as a minor. Marshalate reports are in.

Exchequer-doomsday report is done.

A&S-nothing to report,

Baronial stuff-background checks for people working with children; person organizing the activities

Old Business-

Website is still awesome.

Canton vs. Baronial Policies

Draft our own; cut and paste from baronial policy; Heilyn redraft financial policy with 8 point draft from baronial for approval at February.

Crown Council Conflict with Day of Dance; Tayla will chat with Wyewood to see if we can marry with their Crown Council event. We will still have to do an event but we could easily do this.

New Business-

Sew What-sometime in February

Curia Minutes 10-15-07

The Seneschal announced that reports were due, mostly.

Report from Baronial Business meeting.

They are bidding on Kingdom Arts and Science and Sept Crown 2008
There are new officers. Contact information will be posted on the Baronial website.
Next month’s meeting will be at Microsoft.
There was much discussion about events.

A&S Report

Sew What this weekend (October 20)
There was a display at Baronial Banquet.

Exchequer Report

We have an increase of .08 over last month due to interest.

M.O.S Report

Four people at the last practice.
They filmed the practice to help fighters improve. They expect more filming over the winter months.

Chatelaine Report – No Report

New Business

The Barony is getting a lot of money from Microsoft for volunteer hours. A suggestion was made to allocate some of the funds to Porte de L’eau. They will be looking into this.
Suggestion for event-Day of Music
Discussion began on next year’s Day of Dance. Dennis said he would run gate.