Curia Minutes 05-17-10

Baronial Bits:

Baronial Banquet made a bunch of money; Looking into codifying policy about people who pay but don’t show; give Baron award recommendations for Lionhearts. Looking for autocrats for A&S and Yule. Inventory of Storage Locker June 6 possibly. They’d like an A&S officer.


Exchequer: We paid the site fee for the Demo; otherwise we have money.

MOS: Practices are going on; Typically 3 knights come. Website is up to date.

Chatelaine: We had a demo. No email interest other than people moving in from out of state. Demo generated 12 people with interests. Of those 12, we had someone who lived in Midhaven and Wyewood. The Baron has offered to do a SCA 101 class for new people. We had 45 SCA participants who signed the roster and at least 10 who didn’t. We’re doing education at the upcoming social.

Old Business:

Marymoor Demo: Save participant packet for future autocrats. Next fight board. Next musical performance board. Freeform approach to fighting worked very well. Oval eric worked very well. Lost and Found: orange handled scissors. He spent money on banners above the agreed amount. The Canton agreed to reimburse.

Lionhearts: Planning meeting last night. Everything is lined up. Potluck Dinner Saturday night. Got the check to pay the rest. Checking on fire permit. North Bend permit is one signature away from a go.

Festival at Mt. Si: During Autumn War; approved to camp; next planning meeting will determine how much space we’ll get. Can’t have Horses or Clan Carn due to Autumn War.

New Business:

Day of Dance with Baronial A&S in Fall-first Saturday of October- yes, provisionally.

Curia Minutes 04-19-10

Baronial Bits – still no word on Baronial step-down; Baronial Banquet probably made money. Enprise – Aquaterra is trying to conflict with Emprise. Promises to be in discussion for the next several months. Linda of London facilitated a day long use for the Barony. Looking for A&S officer.

Chatelaine – several new contacts in last two months, Have people going to teach classes as dancing goes on

Exchequer – we have a savings acct as well as a checking account. The $8.00 mystery check of doom got deposited into savings. I’m going to transfer to checking.

MOS – practices going along; report is in; some people do not read website. People showed at a cancel practice.

Old business

Demo 1 – Have 25 to thirty presenters, Sew What April 25 at Darienne and Lance’s 2pm to make signs.

Lionhearts – going according to plan.

New Business

Demo 2 – festival at Mt. Si Aug 13, 14 15 we can camp, no site fee.

Port Chalice –

Curia Minutes 01-18-10

Baronial Bits – polling process still hasn’t started. Baronial Banquet is in April. Baronial A&S and Chatelaine, Lists is opening up.

Master of Stables – Practices are doing well; had a fair turn out the last couple week.

Exchequer – waiting for statements to complete report. Have to take action to get Kingdom exchequer on signature card. Now have $8.00 check from Day of Dance in hand. Warrant extended for two years.

Web site is down. We can move it from Dennis’ credit card to Heilyn’s. We will give Dennis a check for the website and then move it if he’s ready for that.

Chatelaine – 2-3 inquiries for info; one heavy fighter ready to do something else like Florentine.

Old Business-

New Business-

Demo-looking for new site; May 15,

Day of Dance-contact Trahearn and Coelfeld, get date

Curia Minutes 11-16-09

Officer’s Report

Seneschal: Not present, notes taken by Constantia and submitted to web by Denis

Master of Stables: Fighting continues, practices canceled for Nov 27th and Dec 4th

Arts and Sciences: Stepping down as of November 30th. No incoming replacement at this time


1. Is it OK to extend Heilyn’s term as exchequer as per warrant? OK’d by members present.
2. Is it OK to add Kingdom Exchequer (Roberta Tower) to PDL’s bank account signature card? OK’d by members present.
3. Paid Dennis for annual web domain fees.

Chatelain: In contact with two individuals. Still considering options and agenda for demo in May as well as discussions for possible newcomers event

Curia Minutes 10-19-09

Baronial Bits – Barony is meeting at University Unitarian church in North Seattle; socials at Old Redmond School House. Will be social in November. 3rd Thursday of month. Barony is looking for new exchequer ASAP. Culinary Guild is looking for new head. People are looking at bids for Barionial Banquet and Lionhearts.

A&S – no A&S social scheduled for November.

Chatelaine – two inquiries working; one came to A&S/DofD and a social; family coming to fighter practice for archery practice

Exchequer – Everything prior to the event cleared the account.

MOS – Practices continue; no cancellations expected

Old Business

Day of Dance – 94 at gate; ran almost exactly as published; clean-up took to 20min; profit-more than $127.00; comped eight people.

New Business

-need someone to take notes at November meeting

Demo-Spring/summer time frame; dancing, textiles, rapier, heavy; ask about tents

Curia Minutes 09-21-09

Baronial Bits – As this will be the Barony’s 40th birthday they are planning to do something special and with luck it will be done before Three Mountains. They have a new site for meetings for now and are working on a site in Redmond, Wa for their Socials. There is some lag in the new Seneschale taking over as the Exchequer is taking over as Seneschale and they now need to find someone to take over as Excheqer.

M.O.S. – practices continue; newcomer is getting into armor.

Exchequer – wrote checks for website, site for Day of Dance and Baronial A&S and Seed Money for Day of Dance and Baronial A&S
–          We do not have debit cards on our bank account and the Kingdom is happy about this.
–          We got the bank statements for the last two months.

A&S – Nothings happened and nothing is planned for October. The position is open to any who are interested. Come to meetings to learn more.

Old Business

Day of Dance and Baronial A&S
–          Wrote checks for site and seed monies
–          Musicians are complimentary
–          Advertising comtinues
–          Still working out schedule

Curia Minutes 07-20-09

Baronial bits – Discussion on possible ways to do A&S. The Barony will subsidize the meal.
Business meeting will meet somewhere else next month. The Barony is in search of a seneschale. The Wyewood Challenge Aug 8 Known World Sports. If we don’t meet the challenge they will begin to call us Madron. Banner challenge from Aquaterra.


A&S – Nothin’ much doin’ A&S-wise this last month. We have a Sew-What planned for Sunday the 26th at Lance and Tracy’s, starting at 1:00. Work on Largesse possibly.

Looking for a replacement A&S officer…I’ve had the post for a couple years now and would like to step down at some point…don’t everyone raise their hands at once… The Canton was nominated to do the job again.

Exchequer – we have money. There was a Kingdom level change over. No money went out. No money came in. Lionhearts paperwork went.

MOS – had a couple of cancellations; will probably see a summer swell; 4 is average;

Website – Need to get Heinrich’s email address so I can change the web site’s Chatelaine info over to him. Still need to update the content management software on the site, been putting it off cause it looks like it’s going to be a PITA, but it needs to be done sometime soon. Have an invoice for the web that I need to forward to Heilyn at some point.

Chatelaine – no report;

Old Business

Day of Dance – It has combined with A&S. October 3 8am to 10pm potluck; barony will provide main dish. Mucho discussion regarding kingdom law and running joint event. So PdL will sponser the entire event for the Barony.

New Business –

Port Chalice – discussion for further chalice

Stuff – the stuff fairy took youth combat stuff to someone who could use it.

Curia Minutes 06-15-09

Baronial Bits – Social Thursday will be in Spirit Ridge Park. New Meeting location is strongly desired. Contact Madrone Seneschale.

MoS – fighting continues; no injuries; practice canceled for Lionhearts

Exchequer – still have an acct; no activity other than interest

A&S – we had a Sew What in May. Sew What could be Sunday 26 at 1pm

Day of Dance – discussed A&S and Day of Dance as joint venture on first weekend in October

Port Chalice – voted on

New Business – another event: pocket size event in Anderson Park?

Curia Minutes 04-20-09

Baronial Stuff – We are all invited to Bunstable Spring Thing on May 31 at Noon. Field of Cloth of Gold Contest; Baronial Banquet did not sell out. Peasants 30th anniversary is this July. We are in discussion with a person to be autocrat for Baronial A&S.

A&S – We had a Sew What on Saturday, April 18. Have red branches done for Lionhearts but not champion badges. Another on Sew What on May 30 at Lance and Tracy’s at 1pm

MOS – fighting continues although practices have been sporadic. I will do a report soon.

Exchequer – All outstanding checks are cleared. Ready to do report. We have money.

Day of Dance – We are going to try to do it with Baronial A&S.

New Stuff – We need to vote for Port Chalice
—-Send email to vote to their Excellencies, the Baron and Baroness of Madrone

Curia Minutes 03-16-09

Baronial Bits – Meeting at Microsoft thru July; need award recommendations now; Baronial Banquet in a few weeks.

MoS – We have a digital video camera at the house now which makes it easier to review fighting. Looking into video editor or convertor.  Kevin New Comer has finished a  round shield that will last forever.

Exchequer – Signatures are updated. It’s a lot easier to add signatures than deleting signatures. A check was cut to pay for the website.

A&S – We had a Sew What. We had good food. Dennis chuckled sinisterly over a new resist for his copper medallions. Next Sew What-Apr. 18 1pm Coelfled’s and Allen’s

Day of Dance – possibly doing it at Baronial A&S October 3rd. Harvest Ball theme?

The meeting place will continue to be at Coelfled’s and Allen’s house upstairs. She just wanted to make sure it was still ok with people. She suggests people start cooking again.