Curia Minutes 10-15-12

Baronial Bits

  • A bid going in for May crown in Vulkenfeldt with Madrone people 2013.
  • Baronial A&S Feb 2.
  • B&B will not be seeking a re-polling. They’re looking to step down at next year’s Emprise in September.
  • There’s a new deputy exchequer stepping up.


Herald: Monthly Herald meetings are going to start up in Duvall on Wednesday night for commentary and consult. I have 2 consults for 3 submissions to get done.

Exchequer: we’ve got the quarterly payment for domain fee. We’ve got a $250 donation via Heinrich. Have not done the report yet.

MOS: practices continue; turnout has reduce due to winter as expected.

Chatelaine:  No new inquiries. One new person came to fighter practice. Stepping down due to life responsibilities. Chatelaine email will go to the Baronial Chatelaine.

Old Business

New Business: Lisette is looking to autocrate Ermine Cross in March and have the Canton sponsor it.

Curia Minutes 09-17-12

Officer’s reports

Exchequer: we have money. We didn’t spend money, and money will be coming (employer match donations).

MoS Pdl: fighting happens. No injuries reported.

Chatelaine: we have one newcomer, she is a friend of a fighter, and had been looking for an ‘in’ to the SCA for several years.
I will be working on a new project at work, and do not believe I will be able to devote as much time and energy to the chatelaine’s office as it needs. So, if someone is interested in lending a hand, please let me know.

Herald: no injuries


Baronial Banquet Oct 6
Bardic Ithra in November
A&S in March (tbd)
Bid for May Crown with Vulkenfeldt

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Rose Smythe
Herald, Porte de l’Eau
Event Steward, Baronial Banquet

Curia Minutes 08-20-12

Baronial Stuff

They are looking at doing a May Crown in Yakima with them. Madrone will do the manpower and they do the land. Baronial Banquet is coming up. Get tickets. Empris’ planning meeting is going on tonight.


MOS: fighting continues; no injuries

Exchequer: all quiet on the financial front. We have more money than we have ever had because of matching.

Chatelaine: Not a whole lot of new stuff; we had 15 people showed up to the newcomer event at Redmond. Emails have sort of died off.

Web: nothing new; apparently there are technical issues the kingdom has not resolved regarding the switch-over. We are not holding our breath.

Old Business

Demo: 90-ish came thru gate; only 3 people gave info; 15 showed up at orientation after. Heavy, Rapier and populous contests gave out prizes. Potluck was well received. Lots of compliments for the day, despite the weather.

Curia Minutes 07-16-12

Baronial Bits

Banquet is happening; cavalier food; Oct. 6; Wear your floofy clothes;
Madrone is going to Hot summer Lights in Dragon’s Laire.
Having a social this week.
Landinn and Heinrich got called into court for their awesome work on the demo.


Exchequer: We have money. Hoping for a bank statement so I can finish my report. No checks have been cut.

MOS: practices have been going well. Lots of different faces. Garelock is going to be taking Pike as a squire. Been having 7-10 fighters. Martialate report is in.

Chatelaine: demo went well

Heraldry: It happens. No injuries to report. Previous herald clean-up; cheers and beers has been canceled as the host has moved to California.

Old Business

Demo: 90 people; gave out prizes

Newcomer class: Tuesday 7-17-12 in Redmond; 13 people are signed up

Day at the Manor: People and classes happened. Work well as a one day event but shouldn’t do a two day if no camping. 150 people signed at gate.

New Business

Discussed potential events for next year.

Curia Minutes 06-18-12

Baronial Bits

Drum Duinnan has declared war on “Madron”. We can’t make it. It may be termed as a minor police action. Lancer trials are finishing Thursday. Karrel has taken over as Chamberlain.


Herald: happening; we had one submission. It was returned. Heraldry stuff will be at Marymoor

Chatelaine: We are exploding but in a good way with inquiries.

Web Minister: Nothing new; still waiting to hear on the status of servers. Coelphled is taking over as Baronial Webminister.

MOS: practices continue; no injuries to report. Couple of newcomers.

Exchequer: We’ve approved paying for Web. Cleared Ermine Cross; made money.

Old Business

Marymoor Demo: logistics discussed; we have prizes for heavy and rapier. Will look into prizes for other things. Participant packet will go out tomorrow. Storage run on Saturday.

Shears and Beers: Bellevue at 7pm- we had someone come down from Marysville.

New Business

Discussion occurred regarding moving business meeting to fighter practice. More discussion required. Also discussed changing one practice a month into a more social venue.

Curia Minutes 04-16-12

Baronial bits

– Master Donne died and there is no Lionhearts. “Day at the Manner” will replace it. Exchequer and A&S and chatelaine want deputies. Had drawings for new coronets.


MOS: practice continues; having pretty good turnouts; quarterly reports in

Exchequer: the canton got money; wrote check for Ermine Cross food;

Herald: Madu’s name, device submitted;

Web Minister: site is getting updated; still no news from kingdom about their changeover

Chatelaine: 5 new heads in last month-transplants from middle kingdom; looking for deputy

Old Business

Ermine Cross- need a rent check; getting reservations; getting contestants; going to be sending out advertising. Doing a Sew What at Ermine Cross. Need stuff for Bake Sale. Bergdis has volunteered to do Heraldic Apple Pies and asked that we come up with a price. We decided $5 each.

Marymoor Demo: Locked up and ready to go.

Curia Minutes 03-19-12

6-7 attending

Baronial Bits

Kingdom Feast 2013, 2014
12th Night Joint Bid with Glymm Mere in Ocean Shores talk only;
Day at the Manor in July;
Lionhearts – day in the park;
Anne Rose doing a bid for Baronial Banquet;
Emprise is going as schedule.

So things are happening. They are looking for a deputy exchequer and web minister.


A&S: Do A&S stuff at Ermine Cross

Chatelaine: A visitor came up from Ansteorra to check us out. We had a Walk-in at Friday practice.

Herald: Things are happening; Kingdom is looking for new book herald. We want to create a device for the Porte Chalice recipients but we are still working it as an ordinary on an object symbolizes illegitimacy, but we don’t mind.

MOS: practices continue; video-taping continues; practice will happen Friday; I have been asked to MIC Day at the Manor.

Exchequer: we need to cut a check for another quarter for the website.

Earl Steward: nothing’s happening; it’s not broken. Nothing heard on the change-over on the kingdom level.

Old Business

Ermine Cross: is going advertisements happening; Sarah may do reservations or AnneRose; Culinary is researching Roman recipes. Ranauf is looking at Roman dances.

Demo: deposit made; firm confirmation of site. Still need to do insurance; will get Redmond Library on following Thursday for newcomer SCA ABC’s.

Curia Minutes 02-20-12

Baronial bits:

Settlement: Is considerably less than we thought. Any branch under $3000.00 don’t have to pay. We have less. Barony had to send $6000. Barony would like to merge events to cut costs.
Much discussion about whether we hold the Barony Rapier and Heavy Champion at Demo. We decided yes, but bring your toys.
Baronial Banquet in the Fall.
Emprise in September-joint event with Wyewood. Still open for someone to do food, though.
Day at the Manor-at Reber Ranch; no fire; no cars. Considering having 2 years of cush in the bank.
Need someone to take the Baronial Pavilion to May Crown.


Exchequer: The canton is getting money from Microsoft for Tayla. Signed 3 checks: web support, Insurance rider on Demo; Site rental for Demo. Report is in.

MOS: practices occurring albeit with less frequency in post Ursalmas dip.

Web Minister: report is in; upgrade still hasn’t happened but there is now debate on providers which is stalling it out. I volunteered to be Baronial web minister but it hasn’t gone through the process.

Chatelaine: Limited pings on email list. Focusing on demo; 12 people committed to come.

Herald not present.

Old Business

Ermine Cross-

Demo-Did not get on Rifkin’s tourney circuit. Coming together for June 30.

New Business

Curia Minutes 01-16-12

Physical meeting was cancelled.  An on-line meeting was held for those that could log in.

Attendees: Anita, Anne_Rose, Dennis, Heilyn, Tayla

Officers reports:

Master of Stables

·         Practices continue

·         Quarterly report has been sent in.


·         Bank account changeover is complete.

·         Year-end report has been previewed by Kingdom Exchequer and is ready to sign.

·         Website fee 11/28/2011-2/28/2012 is due for reimbursement, but it can wait till next meeting for check signing.


·         Heralding happens no injuries reported.

Web Minister

·         Electronic versions of some heraldry docs to be archived on web site for canton herald access

·         Waiting for Kingdom to update server before transferring website.

New Business

Ermine Cross is running smoothly we will cut check next meeting

Cheers and Beers is happening-A&S social

Baronial Bits

nothing to report.

Curia Minutes 12-19-11

Baronial Bits

A&S is coming up; looking for people to display but not necessarily compete. Looking for an autocrat for Baronial Banquet. It will probably be at Nordic heritage center in the Fall.


Exchequer: the new account has been opened. We approved purchasing of checks. We approve delaying reimbursement of website fees until after the first of the year to use the new checks. Will probably close the B of A account this week. Approved Budget for 2012: $170.00 for web fees for the next years and two events which will break even. We have adequate funds for the two events.

MOS: yeah! Nothing new.

Heraldry: continued discussion on the badge for port chalice holders. Have two clients which were bounced. Attended the Lions Blood meeting. There will be a full service table at 12th Night. The next Lions Blood meeting is between 12th Night and Ursalmas. I can take submissions to Lions Blood.

Web Minister: supposedly the upgrade to the server this month. Still waiting. We need to put a link on the website for Ermine Cross.

Chatelaine: things are happening.

Old business

Ermine cross: I’m waiting for the church to respond about how much we owe. I’m looking for someone to do feast reservations. It’s being advertised everywhere.

New business

we discussed people for the Port Chalice.