Curia Minutes 10-21-13


  • Seneschal – Reminder quarterly reports are due the end of the month. Herald has already submitted report. We will review reporting requirements next meeting.
  • Exchequer – Statements so can do quarterly will be done in next week. Deposited money from ErmineCross. NMS Fee we need to send check for $25.00. Exchequer can write a check to reimburse for food for Ermine Cross.
  • Herald – 7 Submissions have been made. Went to Kingdom Heraldic took a class. Actually commented today too. Goutty Gecko herald title is being researched. Porte Chalice badge & Port Chalice name are being submitted. Exchequer has approval to write a check for the submissions.
  • A&S – Food at Ermine Cross, Aaron Corrino is possibly doing open house on saturdays for 12th Night garb.
  • Master of Stables (MoSS) -Practice continues. Averaging 6 to 10 attendess total at social and at the practice.
  • URL Steward – Nothing to report, website is up. Deputy is on the ball, “No MoSS PDL is on the ball”. Tech Support from 1and1 says spoofing is happening to our email addresses. There appears to be no link on baronial website to the PDL website.

Old Business

  1. Ermine Cross 2013 – Tentatively lost $64.00. They will go through the records to confirm. The Canton will be receiving an employer matched funding for volunteer hours for this event. Chesare Carvaccio won Bardic Champion for Barony and the Ermine Cross competition.

New Business

  1. Ermine Cross 2014 – Yule feast – discussion happened about keeping the name ‘Ermine Cross’. DateReservation Form.
  2. Sven, The musical … Sven! Sings… Blades and Bards Yule (Sven the Musical)
  3. Business meeting Move – Kris has offered to do food as well. 3rd Friday to stay with 3rd Monday. November 8 the Meadows. Please be on time.
  4. Possible Yule celebration at Canton December meeting. Will be discussing it in November.

Curia Minutes 09-16-13

Canton News:

Ermine Cross is coming up. Details below.


  • Exchequer: Last month’s statement nothing happening in the account all looks good.
  • Herald: Geirlakr’s stuff has been submitted to Kingdom, a household name has been submitted, Aoife’s been submitted and have several clients in the works.
  • Chatelaine: Nothing, it’s been quiet, no emails nothing.
  • Minister of Arts & Sciences: Now that tourney season has ended will be instituting classes and project nights during the week and at fighter practice. Embroidery class Bayeaux tapestry stitch, and garb embellishment type stitiches various periods.
  • Master of Stables: “I haven’t had to report any injuries.” Practice is continuing. There were four people at practice on Friday before Emprise. Consistently active. The Bring your Own Tam archery is still available, however it is getting dark, so if you miss the target hard to find arrows.


Old Business

  1. Ermine Cross: We have several Reservations – Email announcements will be starting. All is going as planned. Need someone to pick up key … Champions will figure it out, discussing with baronage. Check for Gate Seed was approved and cut.
    Site tokens are on order. Need schedule. Starting at 10 Dinner at 6 possible buffet. Ranulf Dance lessons. Confirm Lisette. Judges panel? In the past possible judges Particpants + honary judge waiting to hear from Owen the Merry.


New Business

  1. Discussion for next month, possible changing meeting night and place.


Respectfully submitted
Anne Rose Smythe

Curia Minutes 08-19-13

Meeting started at 7:30


Emprise planning in full swing. A call for heralds for Emprise. Fighting will be on the infield. Open Pas, those who want to be champion declare.


  • Exchequer: We have money. We earned $.06 dividends.
  • Chatleaine:
  • Report went in on time. We have had zero email requests
  • Porte Chalice – will be presented at Emprise.
  • Proposed menus have been sent to the Ermine Cross Autocrats, A&S classes will return in the fall. Possibly burning at Heilyn’s on Friday.
  • Url Steward: Reports on spoofing our site. Tech Support was called, and confirmed it was not us. Site doesn’t appear to be moving. Link to Ermine Cross was put up, Seneschal privileges were granted to the new seneschal.
  • Seneschal: Report was turned in. Background check was submitted, waiting for letter.
  • MoSs PDL – Practice has been happening. Attendance has been growing. Archery has been happening, bring your own TAM, Thrown Weapons as well.

Old Business

  1. Ermine Cross: Menu is planned. Reservations will be opened tonight. Owen the Merry will be running the competition. Barony will be having bardic champion in conjunction with Ermine Cross.
  2. Marymoor demo: looking for an Event Steward, Heinlyn is willing to mentor someone, or have a co-Event Steward, as well as drop dead Event Steward in case work gets crazy.

Curia Minutes 07-14-13

Baronial Bits

  • Polling ended friday (July 12) waiting for results. 33% respondants (86). Current Majesties are making decision. We expect to hear at coronation the results at pennsic.
  • Sound Unity (Continuation of Sheep Saga)- There has been talk of doing baronial champions at event, believe it will continue to be at Emprise).


  • A&S – We have an A&S officer – Active will happen after Tourney Season
  • Exchequer – “Have nothing to report” There is a positive balance. We would like to stop paying for website.
  • Chatelaine – No new contacts. had a couple of inquiriers. Newcomer to fighter practice.
  • Herald – The badge idea for the Porte Chalice has been approved by populace. Herald will submit registriation. Working on Sir Geirleikr device and name registration.

Old Business

  • Ermine Cross is happening
    1. – advertising happening.
    2. – Biffy Blasting will happen.
    3. – Tsurako is doing reservations, Friday week before.
    4. – Cuisine will probably be 14th Century.

New Business

  1. Porte Chalice polling – happened – Aryana counted and will arrange transport to the B&B.
  2. Aryana wants to do a fun event, she will need assistance with this of course. She would like to do a ‘day in a life’ event. Wall breech would be a ‘murder’ game. Carn will work for Bacon. Staggering Hedgehog inn type event.

Curia Minutes 06-17-13

Baronial bits

  • There’s another Baronial meet and Greet on Thursday.
  • Crown went well. Canton Members were instrumental in this.
  • There will be online polling. If you are an officer/serjeant/etc. and do not live within the barony, please contact Alexandra.
  • Lots of baronial officer change overs.
  • There is a new baronial award for children.


  • A&S: no report. New A&S officer so if you have stuff you want to do let Ysolt know.
  • Herald: heraldry is happening. Madhu will have a name.
  • MOS: practices are continuing; fighter practices will continue but not the social as hosts are going on vacation.
  • Exchequer: Credit Union was bought so we’ve changed to a new one but nothing will change. We still have money.
  • Chatelaine: 2 inquiries last month. 1 this month. If anyone wants to be Chatelaine, see Hienrich


Old Business

  1. Officer change overs happening;
  2. Ermine Cross is happening.

New Business

  1. Port Chalice-we will discuss possible recipients next month. If you would like to email your nominations their Excellencies or Arianna ( before the July meeting that’s fine too.

Curia Minutes 05-20-13

Baronial bits

  • Nominations have ended. Viscount Sir Stephan of Pembrook and his lady, Amelina de Coventry and Christopher Hawking and Genevieve Etienne.
  • South Sound Unity in August in Midhaven.
  • Emprise is happening and that is the scheduled turn-over of the coronets. Sept. 13-15.
  • Meet and Greets not scheduled yet but soon.
  • Ieaun and Gwyneth Gower won Crown.


A&S: They did the hood class. There was a Sew What. People came. People ate. Ysolt has volunteered to be A&S minister

MOS: fight practices continues-good turn outs. 10% of the crown lists attend Port de l’eau fighter practices. Next goal: we want to be in the top 10% of crown lists.

Exchequer: got the statements; renewed my tour of duty.

Herald: I am stepping down as of Sept Crown and stepping up as LionsBblood. Avacal is on it’s way to Kingdom.

Old Business

Ermine Cross: We had signs up at Crown. It’s happening; we have permission to conflict with Banner War. Check went to site fee.

Porte Chalice: Motion to Register name passed. Next we will submit the device for recipients. We will discuss nominations next meeting. If you can’t make it, submit nominations to seneschale.

New Business

We’ve identified what the Canton’s secret is. Heilyn is happy.

New seneschale?- Anne Rose has volunteered to do the seneschale job. Percolate on this until next month or until we have more people to decide.

Curia Minutes 03-18-13

Baronial Bits

  • May Crown is coming; autocrat team is going out to walk the site. We may have a volunteer who will be doing a Madrone encampment as an adjunct to the autocrat encampment. A truck is going. Contact Sara the Brave.
  • Sheep War is happening at the same site as July Coronation. Seeking a number of officers at the Baronial level.


A&S: There is a Sew What this weekend. We can make quick hood patterns and those who have them can cut them out. The next Friday night we will dye eggs and do a zombie project (bring your dead projects that need re-aminating.)

Heraldry: Alexandra device is submitted; Wednesday is going to be heraldry night at Panera in Downtown Bellevue. Contact Anne Rose for more info. We have a potential new badge for Port Chalice recipients.

Exchequer: we have money.

Master of Stables: practices have been crazy busy; social space is working well; newcomers are getting there kits together.

Chatelaine: one new contact; soon we will have triplets and they are thriving at Friday social getting their armor and kits together.

Old Business

Ermine Cross: we have a site and date Sept 28; We are ok to cut a check when ready. We have two new autocrats. Planning is commencing. There’s a website. They’ve talked to the culinary guild for doing food.

New Business

Port Chalice: Talk about in April

Baronial Change Over:

  • Scenario A: step down in September; step down with unknown king and may have to reschedule anyway.
  • Scenario B: changeover in May Crown; get to work with current king and he’s pretty easy to work with

Curia Minutes 02-18-13

Baronial Bits

Sheep War occurring first week in August. Spin-off of south Sound Unity plus Drumm Druinnan. In Midhaven at July Cornation. Wyewood stepping up as Barony Kingdom A&S March in two weeks.


Exchequer: report got in; everything balance; we have money. We’re cutting a check for the first quarter of web hosting.

MOS: we’ve had quite a bit of fighting, new comers and video review. We will do a hood class at Friday practice so bring a couple of yards of wool if you want to play. Contact Ysolt if you have questions. Considering a “Bring Out Your Dead”/”Amnesty project” Night-Bring out those projects that you don’t want to complete and trade.

A&S: “Sew What” March 23rd at Ysolt’s house.

Heraldry: is happening. Submitted Alexandra’s device, Morgan’s redraw, and Madhu’s name.

Chatelaine: Newcomers are coming to fighter practice and Baronial A&S.

Old Business

New Business

Ermine Cross is still in the cooking pot. A letter has been sent to the church to negotiate a rate reduction.

Curia Minutes 01-20-13

Baronial Bits

We’re co-hosting May Crown in Yakima. You can expect them to step into high gear in a month or so. Baronial A&S; there is a Madrone/Bunstable/Pdl FB Group-officers have been added. Ok then. Watch for the changes in the B & B by 12th Night 2014.


A&S: Madrone A&S is being held in West Seattle. Anne Rose is going to host a Sew What at Ysolt’s house. Look at the email list and website for date and time.Heraldry: is happening; submissions are being worked on; Lions Blood will be at Ursalmas.

Chatelaine: I have answered a couple of emails in the last couple of months. Helped a couple of people at the Social.

MOS: fighter practices have been really well attended; we’ve had tournaments; report handed in. Push started for Ursalmas.

Exchequer: There has been no financial activity in the last three months. There is a new Baronial Exchequer. We paid for the website. We have money.

Old Business

Ermine Cross: still alive; looking for a site

New Business

Discussion to increase our numbers.

Shadra is talking about run a range Friday nights. Stay tuned.

Curia Minutes 11-19-12

[minutes taken by Anne Rose, submitted by Ginevra/Ceolflaed]

3 officers and 2 populace in attendance + Kayden

Baronial News:

New website, it’s very pretty.
Bardic Ithra was held, Attendance was good.
Suggested of perhaps moving the Thursday social.
Discussion has begun for moving Heavy fighter practice to an indoor site.
Yule social will be held in conjunction with Dec business meeting.


Chatelaine: Anne Rose has agreed to be chatelaine deputy. Dennis will need to add Anne Rose to the chatelaine emails, [update: Ginevra added Anne Rose to the chatelaine emails.] An office change form will be submitted next month. Got someone into loaner armor.

Herald: Heraldry Night this Wednesday night.

Exchequer: We have a bank account. Bank is still there. No checks written.

Moss: No Reportable injuries. No vegetables have been harmed.

Ermine Cross:Lisette will be presenting a bid. We need to get the ball rolling on this for reserving on the kingdom calendar.

Wyewood will be elevated to Barony in Spring of 2013.

Seneschal is in the Wilds of British Columbia. We anticipate her safe return soon.