Curia – October 2017

Seneschal: Nothing new in Seneschal land

Exchequer: We have some money, Have a bill to pay Domain Fee $15.00. Payment approved by financial committee.

A&S: Will be bringing a larger laptop screen to look at period tropical prints for the “Tropical themed event” in the concept stage at this time.

Herald: Will be doing YAFA classes when approved by Kingdom. Tuesday Library will continue.

Website: Meeting minutes have been uploaded to website as they are received.

Holiday Party: On December 29 at Tayla’s. No meeting in December. A Pirate gift exchange will happen no more than $20.00 for gift. Details will be following.

minutes taken by Anne Rose Smythe

Curia – 2017-09

September 25, 2017

Seneschal: There is a new law in Idaho that requires groups to charge sales tax.

December meeting will be on Friday, December 29 at Tayla’s. Watch this space for more details.

Exchequer: approximately $900 in the bank.

A&S: WE received a donation from a deceased former SCA member. Most of it was donated to a local charity, as most of it was not appropriate for SCA garb. There were some books that went to the Barony for their Scribal fabric.

Herald: Tuesday, October 24, Kenmore  – November 24, Bellevue

Misc News: Heinrich’s elevation will be at Collegium due to the cancelling of the Emprise of The Black Lion.

Kingdom YAFA is looking for mentors.

Future Event: Starting to plan an event for next summer.

Curia 26 June 2017

We have quorum!

Seneschal Report: There is a new FB group for Seneschal and Exchequers. Idaho is now charging sales tax on tickets and that appears to have been translated to being charged to event fees.

Exchequer Report: We still have a bank account. The bank put in their $.02. Report for Picnic in the Park is done just waiting for attendance numbers.

A&S Minister Report: We will be having a fabric swap at the picnic. Guidelines are: what you bring, if it’s not taken it goes home with you or will be donated to a fiber donation center.

Chatelaine: We have new people in our meeting.

Herald Report: Congratulations to Rhiannon Kjartensdottir registration of her name.

We introduced ourselves to new people.

Upcoming Events:

Baronial Event this Saturday Peasants Revel.  $4.00 Lunch and bring your own snacky bits and drink for the day. It’s a fun laid back event.

Saturday, July 22 Picnic in the Park.  Spirit Ridge Park. There will be no site fee, but all waivers are required. Their Excellencies of Madrone will be attending. A member of the Canton is donating the reservation fee to reserve the park for the day. An Attempt at garb is required. Community BBQ is possible. Hamburgers, buns and condiments will be donated. If you wish to BBQ something other than burgers Something to share and bring your own drinks. We are making this a laid back relaxed event, so wear your most comfy garb.

If no Rain, we will do a fabric swap at the picnic.

Bring your own table and chairs, bring shade/ rain cover.

August 5, Wyewood Champions – At Wyewood Archery Practice site, near Ikea in Renton. All champions (Archery, Heavy, Rapier, A&S).  See more details on the Barony of Wyewood Calendar



Curia Minutes 27 March 2017

After a two month hiatus due to weather and travel we have gathered for our monthly meeting. We had 12 people. Kit, Juana, Aerron, Heilyn, Simon, Giselle, Renee and Aislynn, Bergdis, Etienette and Anne Rose

Seneschal Report: Yearly doomsday report was done, as well as the Family Activities report. Seneschal is upgrading our status to Barony, apparently, he has a Freudian slip today.

Exchequer Report: Doomsday got in. One more bill to pay $44.58 / quarter for web hosting + $15 for domain registration. We have money to pay it. $548, in the account.

There may be some employee matching funds coming through. Approval was given to pay the bill.

A&S Report: A&S report will be done this month.

URL Steward: Updates will be made. Meeting meetings are being posted.

Baronial Chatelaine: Heard from a new person who lives and works in Bellevue only interested in weekend/weeknight activities.

PDL News: Porte Chalice – Kit will send out an email to the canton for recommendations. We need to investigate the making of new chalices.

Canton needs to have an event. Could be small and simple, a picnic in a park.

Rapier defender would like to hand it off to someone, else. She would like to hold the champion event up to the Regional Rapier practice at Marymore park this year.

During the meeting, the canton aided the culinary guild with a special project. Come to Banquet to see.

Meeting adjourned, Carry on and …

Minutes by Anne Rose Smythe

Curia Minutes 28 November 2016

11 people in attendance – All members

$550 in bank account. No Outstanding checks until after the new year.

Ysolt is still working on getting the Microsoft donations set up to the proper groups.

Senescchal Kit went to Kingdom Seneschal / Exchequer training. Learned things about both offices. Look for a regional training if you are interested in these offices.

Don’t be a DIck.

Think before you say or do anything.

Trahern is doing dance practice at his home on Dec. 1, Thursday.

Friday Night Social at Ysolt’s no movie was viewed. Socializing  happened. Next one is on December 30 at 7 at Ysolts, and business meeting if needed. An optional gift exchange will happen at the Dec Social. Wrapped, untagged gift of less than $20.

A&S Sunday Dec 4th 12:30  pm – Svea will teach carving and block printing at Ysolt’s house. There are three or 4 spots open. Ping Ysolt if you are interested.

Equesterian Guild Christmas party is December 10 in conjunction with EQ practice in Mirrormont area. Ping Keri-je for details, look for postings on Baronial e-list etc.

Kiri-je and Raphael would like to host social / practice at their home starting in January, once  a month. First practice will be January 21, 2017. Dogs, cats, horses, sheeps and chickens are in the area. There is inside/outside space for fighting, away from the horses. Please note: There will be no interactions with the Horses.

Some potential sites have been looked into. Details will be forthcoming.

Meeting Closed.

Respectuflly Submitted,

Anne Rose Smythe

Curia Minutes 24 Oct 2016

  • Quorum was achieved; we had 3 canton officers, two baronial officers, and 4 paid members in attendance.


  • Financial: $15 to register the domain.  As of May we had not quite $700 that includes the Demo expenses.
    NMS report was not needed for Demo, because there was no gate fee.
  • Saturday in the Park in Sven Demo: The demo brought some folks from the area.
    32 SCA people went through gate. Sarah Pixie had folks who signed the kid fighting waivers.
    People who came looking for us, were going to find us again and about 1/3 of folks who walked through may show up again.
  • Still don’t have a rapier new champion.
  • Website:  converted to WordPress, looking for email address concealer. All of the old files are still on the server in case they are needed for any recovery in the future. Discussion ensued about how emails work with the ISP and a workgroup will happen to check email addresses for the canton. [Update: forwards are now updated and (hopefully) working properly, and the Canton Google Calendar has been recovered.]


New Business:

  1. Friday night socials – November 18, 2016 Movie Night and Social. A Knight’s Tale at Mistress Ysolt’s house.  Start gathering around 7:00 pm. Potluck type munchies.
    Future dates will be Friday December 2 or Friday 30th and January 6 or 27


Curia Minutes 12-13-13


  • Seneschal Report – Quarterly Report was late.
  • Exchequer – Last outstanding check from Ermine Cross. Last Check cut for Ermine Cross. We have money. October statement arrived.
  • Moss – Practice is happening tonight. It’s been a bit slow.
  • Herald – 9 Pieces went to Laurel, have 3 pending waiting for feed back from populous. No paper cuts to report.
  • A&S – No cooking injuries to report.
    How to’s wherefores for competing in Baronial A&S Is published.
    Cooking is happening.
    Tasty pictures.
    Soup was made for dinner tonight. Thank you Ysolt and Madhu
  • Url Steward –
  • Chatelaine –


  1. Ermine Cross – Is Closed. Lost $124.23.
  2. Blades & Bards – is moving along.

New Business

  1. Next Month Meeting conflicts with 12th Night – Punting for a week later.


8 members attended + several walk throughs

Curia Minutes 11-08-13


  • Exchequer-We need approval to reimburse funds for food for Ermine Cross – 163.71 – motioned forwarded and approved.
  • Domesday report will be done. NMS for Ermine Cross is complete.We have not received bank statement since last meeting.
  • A&S – Stuff happening. Now that meeting time is settled will look at scheduling A&S class at fighter practice to commence in January perhaps. Aaron may restart his saturday Garb stuff.
  • Heraldry – happening no injuries, no new submissions, yet.
  • MoS PDL- no injuries practice is happening. we’re entering winter slow down.


  1. December 13, 2014 – Bards and Blades – Muirghein of Bristol will be the Event Steward.